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Outsourcing to Africa

Doheney Global is a company that specializes in providing your business with the latest technology and trained staff. With offices all across the country, we are prepared to help you meet your needs for today's demanding world by providing you with a pool of trained and experienced remote workers all over Africa to advance your business goals We have a team of highly trained and experienced tech professionals from around the world who have the skills and experience to meet all of your current and future tech needs.

It's time for you to invest in your future. Stop hesitating. Doheney Global is here to help you meet your needs today and tomorrow. We are the experts when it comes to providing the latest technological advancements for business. Contact us today!

Professional Employment Organisation (PEO)

Our Professional Employment Organisation can offer you the best possible services in the country of choice. We are your source of knowledge and aims to be the best possible local partner of PEO services in the regions we operate. We take care of international employment services, such as HR outsourcing processes, taxation and payrolling. We will set up all compliancy, setting up entities and global payroll.

Employer of Records Services

As an Employer of Record (EOR), We will be responsible for all employment-related tasks and liabilities in the designated country. We will strive to give the best quality service to your employees we provide the right local legislations and regulations. If you are looking to set up in Africa and the UK, we are available to offer you the Employer of record service.

Can we help you with Employer of record services?

Are you a PEO / starting your business in Africa? The arrangement of an EOR is ideal for a long-term employment solution. As a result, you don’t have to worry about HR-processes anymore. We have vast experience in Africa to provide you with the best quality employer of record service. Got any questions? Please fill out the form below or give us a call for more information about our Employer of record services.

HR Services & Administration

We provide an organisation’s entire HR service to support all requirements from HR administration to providing on-going & legally compliant HR advice and guidance based on best practice.

Our support service can include administering processes associated with the appointment of all new hires, issuing contract amendments letters and updating HR systems and records accordingly. We also process leavers and ensuring that appropriate arrangements are in place for informing benefits providers and payroll. We guide organisations through employee relations issues such as disciplinaries, grievances, absence management and performance .

  • Recruitment
  • HR Strategy and Management
  • Change Management
  • Organisation Design & Development
  • Learning & Development