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In today's world, digital technologies' evolution has significantly shaped the working environment encouraging parties from different parts of the world to work in harmony. The new normal flared by the novel coronavirus pandemic has progressed the workspace beyond physical spaces to anywhere with Internet access, leading to revolution ways of working. Remote Interns RIN hinges on the availability of new media technologies coupled with the heightened global appeal for virtual internships (remote working)

As the most populous black nation globally with over 200 million people, Nigeria is endowed with brilliant young talents eager to add value, hone their skills, and make a difference worldwide. In a World Bank study, over 250,000 graduate students annually are enlisted in a National Youth Service Corp 'NYSC program for a year. This program seeks to prepare and place Nigerian youths in the workforce.

With such a large talent pool to pull from in Nigeria, the platform - RIN presents an opportunity to harness the potentials in bright young Nigerians while also supplying International Organisations with the essential talents required to boost their company's productivity.

Why Hire Remote interns?

Generally, Interns minimizes the workload on employees by transferring some of the more straightforward, short-term projects to interns who are eager to learn, understand the process, and gain new experiences. A remote intern will not be any different as they will be equipped with the necessary skill sets to deliver on tasks,

Our RIN model is dedicated to helping organisations have a workforce that can execute assigned jobs efficiently and effectively.

  • Cost-effectiveness: RIN offers an incredible bargaining package where companies can hire interns from Nigeria, starting at $300 per month!

  • Boost productivity: With the more young, energetic, and strategic hands-on deck, the company's output will increase significantly due to the input of diverse and intelligent interns.

  • A rich pool of talents: Popularly referred to as the giant of Africa, Nigeria and Nigerians are known for their hard work, thirst for knowledge, ability to thrive under pressure, and ingenuity, with these skillsets and more, the country provides a limitless supply of human resource that would make a great fit as interns globally.

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